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No system can work where people are pseudo garbage (variable but looking in general).

If you give a Finland standart schools and services, standart city, to people with no moral values, with no respect, with no responsibility, ignorant minds, and they will destroy it. That's why I made the analogy of Heaven gave to bad people turning always back into a Hell.

To fix a bad culture can take many years, and depending of how is the basic culture, how strong iot is connected or pride of the main deffects, it takes even more. And there are cultures that do not accept any fix, too pride of their own ignorance.

-I believe government must exist (so libertarians are uthopic) as long as humans are irrational and stupid imoral, needing control (police/army) laws, to protect society of society itself. The more moral and civilized it's a society, the less controller the government can be.
Any group who split away from society and governments, would create some rules and have their own government or kind of anyway. So the state always exists in a more or less fashion.
If a bunch of people go to a island, in a month they will create a state, rules, something, so a fully free place would be someone alone in a island, and even so he must survive and follow rules to try survive.

-Governent must be for the people and not for few who want controll people to just profit over it. Government must give basic education and health, justice system, and try to keep economy active and productive without overcontroll it.

-But the government, in certain way, it's everyone. People have also responsabilities. They can't just make sh...t and wait government to fix everyting. People should not have kids, being horrible persons which would turn kids life miserable, with horrible families with problems, drugs, bad relation between parents. Society should not demand people to have kids as is was nearly mandatory tradition, since not everyone have talent to.

-Economic must have some competion and also oportunity. You can't make people equal, cause their are not, starting from genetics, from parents creation, influences, natural talents. Competion make human mind sharper, creates a lot more solutions. But economics also enhances killer instint, criminal activity, social violence. The system must be open to differences, as long as the lower side keep dignity too. Money should not give legal privileges. (money should be redefined).

-And there are international competition. Rich and poor countries. Rich want to stay rich and poor want to became rich, and that's why planet ecology are always in second place of priority. Monkeys from different bands in fight.

-Men, women, white, blacks, gays, lesbians, trans, whatever, must have equal rights and no privileges. Equal oportunities it's difficult to garantee, since it's impossible to give equaly good parents creation to everyone or equally good genes.
You can try gave equal schools, but if a couple work harder to pay a better school, they can't be blameed. School don't do much when someone have terrible parents.

-Freedon of belief it's a problem, since many kind of beliefs are against freedon and inforces belief to kids since a age when brain can't judge, what some people call intelectual child abuse. Not all beliefs standarts could be allowed for parenthood, like the most fanatic ones. But how would we stop it ? Sterilization??? So it's a huge problem, and we once again go back to the society own culture and values. A government can't be really good if the people are crap.

-People are free to choice but must pay for bad choices. If they want to be a drunk or use drugs, they should not have kids and pay the heath care thenselves. If they put itself and others around in danger, with heavy drugs, they must be excluded or put aways to not endanger others.

-Above all, people (all social class and all genders and races) must pay for their crimes, since childhood (with educational punishment and checking if parenthood is the problem). Any society where people are not punished for evil behave tends to be a disgrace. Any justice that do not work for all it's no justice at all. You can't have partial justice.
Perople must have the right to not be brin washed by over manipulation of media. Education system should focus a lot to protect people from this, tecahing how manipulation happens, how spot and avoid it.

-Good people should be rewarded, since childhood. Votes should have more or less value according how someone was, in terms of good behave, good acts, and perhaps also how inteligent.

-And there should be laws against LCD & HDTV broadcast marketing lies.

PS: Top posting for me looks the correct. It's not a Freudian desire to be above. :-)

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