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What are the specs of this motor? Like, the full load current, and the voltage it's designed to run at (AC voltage), the number of pole pairs (if the nameplate says around 3500 at 60Hz, it's 1 pole pair, 1800 means 2 pole pairs, etc...). Do you have 3 Lem Hass 300-s current sensors in the controller? You will have to change that to the following:

current-sensor-amps-per-volt 480

(it's set to 80 right now, which is for the LEM Hass 50-s).

The rotor time constant may be way off too. But we can figure that one out after getting the PI to converge.

I still feel concerned that the IGBTs didn't do anything weird with the voltage reversed on the IGBTs. That is a dead short circuit with nothing but 2 diodes to slow it down. I wonder if it's possible that the diodes failed opened inside the IGBTs. Could you test with a diode meter thing from B- to B+? Or B- to the phase, and from phase to B+?
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