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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
wootwootman: don't bother with run-pi-test. Just do run-pi-test2. Human eyes on the data is better than the sad amount of intelligence I tried to bestow upon the little microcontroller, which is basically a computer from 1975.
Thanks Paul, I'll go ahead and do that. I've got some battery stuff to take care of before I can power on the motor for testing though.

I'll start with 'run-angle-offset-test' from 0-511 to get the best value, after which I'll try 'run-pi-test2'. Currently my configs are kp=5000 ki=80 and pi-ratio=62. This second pi test doesn't use the pi-ratio variable, so I'll stick to varying kp and ki proportionately. Maye one day I'll plot the output and fine tune them.

I also saw that line 1991 in ACController.c mentions something about 75A for a LEM Hass 300-s (I'm using a 200 equivalent). If I've got my max-battery-amps and max-motor-amps below 75, will this still let the test/motor function properly or should I raise those limits?

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