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Actually, do the run-pi-test2 first. That is a locked rotor test (but you don't have to lock the rotor). It doesn't require knowledge of the rotor flux angle, so you don't need the angle offset for it.

Once you get good convergence, then move to finding the angle offset. I would suggest on that one, do the following

angle-offset 0
// then give it a little throttle
angle-offset 16
// then give it a little throttle
angle-offset 32
// then give it a little throttle
and when it hits the zone where there is no movement from the throttle, add 128 to that, and that's the ideal angle offset. You can also subtract 128 instead, if you want the default rotation to go the other way.

then, type:


and hurray, you are done. drive into the sunset.

The LEM Hass 200-s is fine. It just means you will need to have

current-sensor-amps-per-volt 320

You can use any current you want from 0 to about 400 then, because 400 will be where the hardware overcurrent trip point is.
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