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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Also, don't forget

pole-pairs 2
motor-type 1
Also how does PI ratio apply here. Does it have to be 62? What happens if i change it? Do i have to change Ki and Kp too?

I noticed this with my ACIM motor in my car. With PI ratio 62 i could just get the car in garage and back. Initial pulse was strong, but then it ran out of steam and crawled. Minor changes to PI ratio didnt solve this. I used your AI test to determine PI. But rotor constant i had to set manually and probably failed miserably... I remember i had it at 32.

I also noticed Leaf PM motor with ABZ encoder runs much better in mode 3 than in mode 2. Why would that be if the signals are essentialy the same ABZ regardless of resolver ADC interface board.

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