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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
The PI ratio was just a variable that was there for when the "auto" PI test was running.
OK - I'll skip changing that one

The rotor time constant can vary a lot from one motor to another. The motor will run horribly if you are way off. It will run OK if you are a little off, and it will run the best if it's perfect.
Good - so I don't have to worry about that until I get the motor to turn

If a transmission is hooked up, you man need to change the default commanded Id and Iq in the rotor test function "RunRotorTest" from
IdRefRef = 300
IqRefRef = 300
To something bigger. Those numbers just worked OK for me on a bench with a unloaded motor at maybe 60v or whatever it was I was using for the test.
I may get to that, but likely not until the weekend

If you can't get the run-rotor-test to work, you can just try guesses from 5 up to 150 (5mS up to 150mS for the rotor time constant):
I suspect I'll just guess, starting with what I used for the Siemens motor ... after all, it did turn with those settings ... except for the motor-type and pole-pairs!

Awesome information, as usual, Paul. Thanks

I always take video and record audio of my tests in case something interesting happens. So far, I've only shown examples of what can go wrong. My motivation for editing the video is pretty low.

When I get something to work, I'll take pictures and video. Maybe I can get motivated to edit video for initial laptop connection to the controller on serial, getting the signals for the encoder connected, get a throttle connected, get the pack connected with a pre-charge circuit, etc etc
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