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I finally synced the carbs on cibbie, it was not that bad(the procedure, not the synchronization) actually. I probably would have done it earlier if the carb synchronizer wasn't hiding for 3 years... They were a good bit off, as you will see in this video. Cylinder 1 appears to be making boost under certain conditions! (probably due to the excessive valve overlap needed for a screamer) No word on gas mileage yet, still have to ride it. The idle is much more stable now, and it will likely drop to idle right away when I pull in the clutch to coast. It usually hangs around 3000 RPM for around 10 seconds, and then drops to idle.

Oh yeah, it was really cool to have four vacuum gauges on the bike, so the next mod will likely be a vacuum gauge, if I can find a nipple valve that will fit it. I could probably order one from the Australian wreckers at the same time I could also order a front fender from the earlier CBR 250.
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