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Originally Posted by 19bonestock88 View Post
So I’ve made more progress on the car... I now have a lawn edging air dam screwed to the bumper cover, and have reduced total grille area to a 1.5x29” strip at the top of the lower grille area... on two lone roads coolant temps stay around 190F, but on the freeway(where P&G isn’t plausible) and in hot weather(85F and up) coolant temps stay near 210F and on big hills climb to the cooling fan switch point(221F)...

Thankfully, I rarely ever use the freeway lol...

I need to load test the car and see how much load it takes to hold 55mph with these new tires and other mods...
I like the look of the car lot and congratulations on the air dam

I think those coolant temperatures might be considerably too high. I used to have an alarm set on mine to trigger any time the temperature went over 206 degrees. Now I have it set to go off whenever the coolant temperature goes over 200 degrees. I think the kinds of temperatures you're seeing could lead to premature head gasket failure.

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