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We’re on the same page there. The fan in the Malibu I had before didn’t kick on until 228F but I think that anything over maybe 205F is too hot... I need to research a manual fan button (and/or variable grille block) to keep coolant temps in check on the freeway... it stayed under 200F until I went up the first hill and stabilized after, but by the third it was heat soaked enough to not drop back down much under 210 for the remainder of my 40 mile trip

The worst I’ve ever overheated an Ecotec was my Redline on the last day I drove it... I had deleted the flap under the radiator that diverts air up into it, but didn’t duct the lower grille to the radiator like on my “Green Line”, and during a sustained high speed run to the hospital in 100F weather, I looked down and noticed coolant temp at 250F... I killed it immediately and coasted to a stop(from 85mph) and waited for it to cool down, and resumed driving, but at a slower pace until I could remount my cooling flap... I think the only reason I continued to drive after such an overheat was that the car had an MLS head gasket and ARP head studs clamping it
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