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to nowhere

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Roadmap to Nowhere puts the reality of the necessary hardware into perspective
1 million 2.5 MW wind turbines and 5,000 Solarstar sized 500MW solar farms together covering 130,000 square miles. $15 trillion. We already have $20 trillion in national debt that will never get paid back. And there would still be days long selctive black outs due to a very minimal amount of storage as part of the plan. And the electrolytic Hydrogen conversion of all heavy machinery and transport is just wishful thinking. As is the underground thermal storage system that is part of the roadmap. ect.
*It's just talking points.We crawl before we walk.
*Even $20-trillion is just beer money (cigarettes,lottery tickets).
*Their quanta presume stasis with respect to technology and capacities.They'll have to make their case.
*I'm not convinced about black outs.Earth has a rather large geographic footprint.With distributed generation,from different sources,'spinning reserves' can be anticipated in the build out.
*I'm not a devotee of hydrogen, although that'll mean zero to those pursuing it.
*Underground thermal storage? We'll see.
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