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Originally Posted by redneck View Post
Comes standard with a 2.3L EcoBoost 4 cyl. engine with Auto Stop Start Technology that is backed by a 10-speed automatic.
Even though I'm sure Americans would demand something with more guts than the naturally-aspirated 2.5L fitted to the overseas model, plus I don't remember if this engine is available with automatic transmission anywhere but in Australia, it's quite surprising that a turbocharged engine will be the standard.

It seems the days of a inexpensive pickup truck are long gone...
I guess the lack of an inexpensive work truck could only be reverted if cab-forward Asian compact trucks (not the Kei ones) such as the Hyundai Porter were road-legal there, but that's a whole different matter. Anyway, I wonder if Ford will ever offer a regular-cab Ranger there in the U.S., as it didn't feature such option in Brazil for a while after the facelift (even though it resumed offering this option only in 4WD and with the 2.2L turbodiesel).
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