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Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
You accused me of racism after I talk about forbidde crap (real crap like violent criminals and deep drug users) people of have kids.
No, I never accused you of racism. If you believe I did, please quote that so that I may correct it. As I say, I think there was just a misunderstanding.

Strange... in other ocasion you said to be in favor of refuse employ for any reason someone (boss) wishes (color, gender, sexual orientation, aethetic look etc...).
I don't think I said that, but private employers should be allowed to discriminate as they see fit. Government should not though because they are to be impartial. We already allow discrimination despite laws forbidding it. We allow Hooters to hire female waitresses when the law says that any qualified person must be considered. Only Mexicans work at the Mexican restaurants around here. Etc, etc.

My reasoning for allowing a business to discriminate is not because I want to see more racism, but precisely because it exposes racism. By outlawing it discrimination still happens, but instead the employer just says that the candidates didn't fulfill their requirements, or would otherwise not be a good fit. Forcing someone to be the boss of someone else that they hate will not be good either.

I still don't know what this has to do with restricting reproduction, or the broader discussion of climate change.

Incentives, a lot, would be a good start.
For violent sociopaths, recidivist rapists, and extreme dependent drug users who already had children while using drugs, and refused incentives to surch methods of birt control (surgeri or device implanted) there would be compulsory.

On Brazil we had cases of a crack user woman, prostitute herself, refused treatment to drug dependance, and had already 6 kids, and they born with problems.
Guess what the left wing journalists said ? The accused the doctors of broke her rights ? What about the rights of the kids to a good and clean uterus, a family ?
I might be for certain compulsory and reversible methods of birth control, but first I want to see what the outcome of making it available for free would be. I imagine most prostitutes don't want kids in the first place, so they would be inclined to voluntarily accept birth control.

Rapist should just be locked away for a long time. Repeat rapists should be locked away forever. Violent sociopaths should likewise be locked away if they commit violent crimes. Drug abusers should temporarily lose custody of their children and undergo treatment until they can prove they are clean.
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