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Itís not the cost of the ticket, per se. Itís in being moved to a higher risk category by an insurer, thus higher long-term cost. A slew of tickets is an accurate predictor about emotional state. Which is the heart of ďabilityĒ.

Credit Score & Insurable Risk: Your Slave Collar

Every monkey can pilot a car. All over the planet. Only a matter of degree in different skill level, and thatís not fundamental.

Driving involves habitual choices. Skill isnít off-setting. The important decisions about driving are all made before the key is turned.

Have the habit of encroaching the stop line at a four-way? That one is behind the curb line doesnít change the fact one is now IN the intersection. Itís not a technicality.

Same for crossing a solid white stripe. Itís not there because the Highway Department had extra paint that day.

Failure to control oneís self.

Losing the use of the vehicle should be the determinant. There are so few examples of where that is a desirable outcome versus one worse that itís an easy way to make choices. Tell yourself youíll be walking the rest of your life.

One comes to a complete stop ten feet before the stop line. Not five. Why that is so is worth your while in investigating. Extrapolating. Same for the highway lanes merge zone.

The loss problem extends downwards to the life of vehicle components. ďIíll never be able to replace these tires. Tires are no longer availableĒ. Etc.

As always the irony is that trips arenít any longer. Discipline & Duration have a new relationship.

As economy is the premise hereabouts, itís vehicle use that matters most past vehicle spec. That use is premised on habit. Not skill. Not aero bandaids.

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