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Originally Posted by pablitosax View Post
Another interesting job..a controller but using Arduino plataform (Arduino Due that is more powerful than Arduino Uno/Mega) and using direct self control .
I donīt know avantages between direct selft control against Field Oriented Control ..someone knows ? :

I have not read about Direct Self control. As far as I know, none of the commercially available AC Controllers use this method. Or perhaps they do and they call it something else?

The harmonics look nasty. I wonder if the torque is better than flux vector control.

The AC Controllers we use at work are all variants of sensorless flux vector control. No encoder. Implied position is calculated from back emf of the motor so an encode is not required. The control is not as good as if you have an encoder, but it's good enough. Not installing an encoder, and not fixing an encoder .. is PRICELESS!
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