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AV doesn't have anything to do with EVs. They already have ICE cars that auto-brake, parallel park, etc. I see no reason why AV and EV are related.

We'll probably never have shared databases (DBs). In the healthcare industry, there isn't universal databases. Every time you go to a new clinic (in the US), a different DB is utilized and your data gets replicated there. Heck, even within the same clinic, they might have multiple DBs depending on what treatments you need.

My point is, the DBs are incredibly valuable, and companies aren't going to collaborate to share their info, or get their info to work with some universal DB. Perhaps vehicles will communicate with each other, but it will be through an interface that keeps their DBs private and only offer up the relevant data to share.

I've said the smartest way to implement autonomous driving is to whitelist known routes that are simple for autonomous vehicles to drive on, such as interstates with few turns and exits. You could also blacklist routes known to be difficult for AVs. Areas where human input was required frequently suggests an unsafe place for AV to operate, and that could be blacklisted automatically. Places where human intervention is infrequent suggests safer areas to engage AV, and those could be whitelisted automatically.

There was a guy who ran into a guardrail in his Tesla using Autopilot, and it had been mentioned that the area had confounded Autopilot before. Had the user intervention been properly logged and flagged in some DB as a tricky spot, it could have blacklisted the route and refused to be in autopilot mode for that stretch.
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