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Originally Posted by 02BMW02 View Post
Is there a detailed description on Pauls software interface for all the individual commands.

I have bought one of pauls Leaf drop in boards so I assume that he has put his same code in this too.

I would initially like to bench test the motor at 60v, do I have tell the controller the battery voltage ?

The code lists all of the commands, since it interprets the commands from the terminal in order to execute them. It is the running system, so I would trust this over external documentation, since it *HAS* to be up to date.

Paul's controller runs off a separate DC converter, bumping a nominal 12V input to 24V for the control board only. There is no location in the software to actually TELL the software what voltage the system is running.

So - no issue testing at 60V. I've tested down to 24V and it works fine. Lower than 24V the board works fine but the IGBTs you are driving (newer designs) don't work quite right.

The MOSFETs would likely work at 24V and lower .. not sure as I blew up my MOSFETs before I was able to test that sort of thing
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