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Originally Posted by roosterk0031 View Post
195-65-15 G3/G4's on my cobalts & elantra, all weigh 3-500 lbs more than your Yaris, 100-150 lbs each tire less weight doesn't sound that much different. Actually have G3/G4 on all my cars. Tires are cheap vs tows or deductibles.

Recently I've been buying mine on Ebay (tireseasy), they often have lower prices on ebay than their own website, past have been from simpletire. Simpletire looks cheapest today.

They also make 195-60-15 if you wanted to stay a little bit closer to stock diameter.

Checked Nokian site, the
195-65-15 is listed at 25" OD, 832 revs/mile
195-60-15 is listed at 24.2 OD. 859 revs/mile
175-65-15 is 24.0 - 866 rev/mile

I don't know if you calculated or used their numbers. Page 19
Thanks roosterk0031. I have previously browsed the catalog but completely forgot about tracking it down this time around. It was quite helpful.

I also see that there is a 175/70-R14 WR-C3 tire available. I recently got a set of Nokian WR-C3 for my wife's 2016 Ford Transit Wagon. We haven't had much snow yet this year to test them but they look capable and have a directional thread pattern and pump sipes that are typically only offered on Nokian's winter only tires to help with wet and ice grip.

I calculate my tire sizes in a spreadsheet but they match up to the Nokian catalog. I usually go to two decimal places but the catalog rounds to one.

Some quick searching shows that the stock Yaris 15" steel wheel weighs 17 pounds. I think that also included the hubcap. It's actually a pretty decent weight for 15" rims and the hubcaps don't look too bad for aerodynamics.

The tires in stock size I'm interested in are Nokian WR-G4 and they weight 15.1 pounds. Keeping stock rims + the tires should give me a tire package weight of 32.1 pounds. The tires have a weight rating of 1100 pounds.

Going to a WR-C3 in size 175/70-R14 would be a slightly smaller diameter. The difference would .31" or -1.3%. Honda Insight wheels weigh 10.5 pounds and the tires weigh 15.6 pounds. That would be a wheel package that weighs 26.1 pounds. That cuts a whole 6 pounds per wheel on the car.
There is also the improvement of aerodynamics of the Insight wheels vs stock. The WR-C3 have a weight rating of 1520. Despite the small downsize I'm still interested in getting Insight rims.

I still need to check with Discount Tire to get prices for moving the TPMS and if they will install larger sizes such as 185/65-R15 and 195/65-R15 tires.

I was able to save around $25 per wheels on tires for my wife's van by having them price match tires I found on Amazon.

I'm currently on the fence between:

Stock size Nokian WR-G4 175/65-R15 with stock rims.

Up size Nokian WR-G4 (185 or 195)/65-R15 with stock rims.

Slight downsize Nokian WR-C3 175/70-R14 With Insight rims.

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