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Originally Posted by esali1987 View Post
Ah I guess things have changed a little for the newer versions.I have a USB serial connection and a FTDI_FT232RL chip I have to figure out how to get to communicate.
OK. So that's why the pin names you were using were not familiar.

So the FTDI is mounted on the control board now? Cool.

Can you post a picture for us?

If you got the control board from Paul, it has the firmware loaded and should deal with the FTDI setup so that you plug in your USB and you're ready to go.

The spec sheet here shows tx, rx, and gnd available for connection to the micro. They are labeled referenced to the chip .. so tx from the chip goes to rx on the micro. Is that how the traces connect?

Is that how your board is set up?

If you built your own board and programmed your own micro ... which is possible but quite a challenge .. then you will likely need to flash the boot loader onto the chip before loading Paul's code. I would use a PICKIT 3, which is what Paul used to use. Maybe he still does.
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