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Originally Posted by esali1987 View Post
Ah ok. Ill look into that. I am only using a small pot for now. This pot is outputting 0 and 1023 just fine. would that need any calibration?
As long as you have the pot in the range of 'no movement' when you power up the controller you should be fine.

The settings (on my controller) are:
If the throttle input goes lower than 5, ignore the throttle. It's a fault - short circuit.

At this value, you are commanding maximum regenerative braking

At this value, you are just engaging regenerative braking. It scales linearly from min to max position

At this value, you are just engaging the throttle forward. It scales linearly from min to max position

At this value, you are putting out maximum throttle.

So between 400 and 624, using these settings, is where the throttle should be when you power it up. Raise it to go forward, lower it to 'brake'

I don't remember a fault that is thrown if you are over max throttle. Not sure what happens.

Remember that the throttle is commanding TORQUE, not SPEED. So max throttle is trying to push your max CURRENT through the motor to develop that TORQUE. Keeping the throttle in the same position with a motor on your bench will accelerate the motor up to your maximum speed - at least that's what it did to me.

But only if you have enough voltage on your pack to hit your overspeed setpoint.

NOTE - you don't need to have your throttle near MAX in order to put an unloaded motor up to your max speed. As long as the commanded current will get you to max speed, it will go there. If your throttle is low, it will take a while to accelerate to max speed and trip.
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