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Originally Posted by jackbauer View Post
Found the problem. Seems the call to the space vector modulation routine was commented out so no wonder I couldn't generate any pwm

Still not had any luck with the rotor tuning routine but guessed a few times for the rotor time constand and managed to rip my arm out of its socket trying to hold the output shaft
What version of compiler are you running?

I have not successfully built the source as yet. Just loading hex files that Paul built.

My board was/is set up for a potbox. I think Paul sent me instructions on what resistors to change out for a hall effect throttle. I'll check my email.

--------------------------my email 1 ---------------------------------
Hi Paul,

I know you are busy. I'm trying to get a hall effect sensor connected to my AC controller. The logging shows -4096 for the raw throttle, and the input pin seems to be dragging down the signal from the hall effect throttle.

Hopefully I did not kill the analog input. I don't think anything that I did should have done anything bad.

5V to throttle, 0V to throttle, checked voltage out of throttle, ranged from 0.5 - 2.2V. The other signal from the throttle is 1.0V - 4.4V (maybe not quite 2x)

Connect to the input pin and the signal drops to -0.18 ... that is below the level of the GND pin using my crappy meter ... but how?

-------------------------------my email 2 -----------------------------------

Hi Paul,

R53 is not installed
R51 is brn blk blk org brn. Measures as 1.001 K

You had given me a mod to use a hall effect throttle but I did not, apparently, get that far.

--------------------------paul's email ------------------------------

With the hall throttle disconnected, R51 should read 100k. It sounds like I put the wrong resistor in there. The hall sensors generally can only put out around 3mA, so a 1k resistor would be trying to take 5mA from it.
I just tried compiling it in mplab x, adn didn't have any issues. I chose the C30 compiler when I went through the "create a new project" steps. You could send the controller a 2.5v signal, and it will view that as zero throttle, as long as you set the minimum throttle to around 512.

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