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Gather 'round chillun's and hear the tale of Sam Barris...
Sam's Mercury is one of the first, if not the first, chopped 1949 - 1950 Mercury, and it was built in the newer Barris shop on Atlantic. According to The Rodders Journal 29 the car was not the first chopped 1949 Mercury, since the Ayala Brothers were chopping Louie Bettancourt's 1949 Mercury at the same time, but Sam's Mercury was finished before Louie Bettancourt's Mercury.[1]
The Aztec was one of the last full custom projects Sam worked on. A Sam continued to do some custom work in Sacramento at Barris North. But Sam wanted out of the industry, and the El Capitola was the last full custom he completed in 1960. After completing the El Capitola Sam became an insurance investigator and the fire commissioner for Charmichael.
Instead, Barris decided the Futura was a perfect base on which to create the Batmobile. Barris hired custom builder Gene Cushenberry to modify the car, which was ready in three weeks.
So Sam did the lead sled Mercs (including the Hirohita Mercury) and George did the Munsters coach. Also:

1951 Mercury Monterey Custom Built By George Barris. Originally built in 1956. Has since been recustomized 5 times.

Hirohita Merc, El Capitola and The Aztec.
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