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We have it working...

Originally Posted by thingstodo View Post
Check out @jackbauer's post here

If the vector output is not being called, there should be no output.

Besides that, a while ago you needed to have your throttle between min-regen and min-throttle (I didn't look up the actual variable names - sorry). Not sure if that is a requirement any more.

I can look tonight and find a config that worked OK for my motor. It won't likely work well for yours, but it should output *SOMETHING*

My bet is on the vector output still commented out. Do you have MPLab X installed so you can compile? If not, perhaps send @MPaulholmes or @Jackbauer a PM. They can send you a new file to load into your controller.

I've never gotten this darned compiler to spit out an actual file without errors .. so I can't help with that.

PS - I'm running a rev 2 board and I think you are all at rev 3 or 4
Thanks thingstodo. I have been in contact with Paul and he sent me a new .hex file that fixed the problem.... after I also fixed a wiring problem of my own. I had crossed up the V and W phase current sensors. Tomorrow I can work on fine tuning the config.
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