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Originally Posted by metallica View Post
Hello everyone
Hi! Welcome to the forum!

I am newly registered on the site, currently looking for a way to make a good quality BMS at a reasonable price, for electric vehicle project that I envisage in some time.
I don't recall a BMS that Paul has designed. He has designed a 500Amp DC controller, a 1200Amp DC Controller, a 1000Amp AC Controller, a Resolver to Encoder converter board, and a DC/DC converter board .. that I know of.

I would suggest using a BMS that has a good track record, of course. The Leaf BMS is good at monitoring from what I read. I have not heard much about the balancing for the Leaf BMS. The Tesla BMS also has a good track record.

Are you recycling surplus batteries? Or building your own? For your first build I would suggest recycling. It simplifies things and you get results a bit quicker ... if you have the room in your vehicle for pre-built packs.

To talk to the boards in each Leaf module, Woltronix has a 'Leaf Pack sniffer 2' that I have read good things about. Store

For Tesla modules, EVTV has a board that will talk, as master, to the BMS in each Tesla pack. EVTV Motor Verks Store:

Those are the most cost effective solutions that I know about.

I don't use a BMS - I bottom balanced my LiFePO4 pack and manually check the cells every 6 months or so, when I've run the pack low. The recycled cells have been rock solid.

My Leaf cells ... I foolishly damaged the boards while taking the pack apart. So I don't have an operable harness or the monitoring portions ... I check them about once a month. The controller on my Polaris Ranger EV won't start up below 42V. That's about 3V per cell. I didn't bottom balance the pack, I top balanced it so that all of the cells hit 4.1V at about the same time.
The voltage on the pack is not as stiff as the LiFePO4 cells, so when the Polaris shuts down, the cell voltage bounces back to about 45V. None of the cells is below 3V when I have let them cool down, before putting them on the charger.

But I'm just a hobbyist. I don't have a highway-capable vehicle running

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated anyone mentioned:
- Paul and Sabrina, I am a happy long-time customer
- Woltronix, I watch and enjoy his videos but have never purchased anything from him
- EVTV, I went to EVCON one year, and am a satisfied, long-term customer
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