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10%... GND%

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
A 10% reduction in what timeframe though? I imagine if you doubled the price of gasoline overnight, you would only achieve a 10% reduction at best, because it didn't allow enough time to adjust, and the only savings would be in reduced trips and carpooling.

If the government published their very gradual tax rate schedule well in advance, consumers and industry would have time to adjust to progressively more expensive fuel.

The Green New Deal went nowhere in congress if I am informed correctly. There's no way it has 81% support anywhere, including wherever AOC is from. She probably doesn't even have 81% support from her own family.
*The 100%/10% relationship wasn't unpacked in finer detail as to time frame.It could have been a mean average of polled individuals.Don't know.
That year,Congress passed a 6-cent federal gasoline/diesel tax increase.Absorbed without too much pain.
*The 81% figure comes from Yale University climate pollsters.Published in the May 6,2019,The Nation,page 18.Congress may not necessarily represent constituents.
I've never met AOC,I don't know anything about her.
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