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*I'll stick to the asterisks as a way to discern between different subjects and make easier to locate.They're bullets and used by many.
*Davidson said nothing of mini novas in the youtube.If you want to preface the video beforehand with these embellishments great.Otherwise one can't be expected to know anything about them.
*Ben never mentioned excursions and neither did you.I can't read minds.
*If you were AOC you'd do exactly what she does.Climate Silence needs to be addressed.Not enough voices if you ask me.81% of registered voter are egging her on.
  • Bulleted lists are a feature
  • They can be used as you describe.
Define my terms? I was responding to yours.
  • free bullet point

Climate Silence? What? Is that different to pushback?

I would not use climate anxiety to push communism.

I have no idea about Aton Petrov's credentials. He's another popularizer.

Hello wonderful person! Red dwarf go boom.
If no one comes back from the future to stop you from doing it then how bad of a decision can it really be?

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