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define my terms

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
  • Bulleted lists are a feature
  • They can be used as you describe.
Define my terms? I was responding to yours.
  • free bullet point

Climate Silence? What? Is that different to pushback?

I would not use climate anxiety to push communism.

I have no idea about Aton Petrov's credentials. He's another popularizer.

Hello wonderful person! Red dwarf go boom.
Since you don't provide specifics I'll guess:
*mini nova: I went over to NASA and looked.I didn't see anything related to climate.What am I looking for? The CHANDRA satellite is looking in the X-ray spectrum.
*Earth's atmosphere is completely opaque to X-ray.It can't affect the Earth.
*Relativistic charged-particles from a nova will begin to be deflected 11-billion miles from the Sun,at the Heliopause (Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF)).And again above 215-miles elevation above Earth.
*Some particles will strike the atmosphere and create secondary particles.And those routinely penetrate us.We're mainly space,so they just blow through the orbital space between our atom's nuclei and electron cloud.These may be responsible for life on Earth.
*If the Sun's magnetic field is stronger,there will be fewer cosmic particles reaching Earth.
*Earthquakes,Volcanoes,sea-floor spreading,Mountain ranges,and volcanic islands are all possible due to the axial asymmetry of Earth's core and the tidal effects it creates.Suspicious Observer would have the listener believe that they're controlled by the Solar/Earth electromagnetic coupling.
*Refrigerator magnets have 100X the magnetic strength of the Sun.
*Refrigerator magnets have 1000X the strength of Earth's magnetic field.
*If electromagnetic fields were responsible for earthquakes and volcanic eruptions,we'd have to be looking at refrigerators and computer hard drives as the causal agents.
Please let me know specifically what else I need to address.
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