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Widespread Business Decommissioning

There will be widespread office building closures across the continental United States,according to the U.S. Chamber of Horrors.
Due to their intermittent GDP,with many company business operations curtailed for up to 16-hours a day,they've become an embarrassment to capitalists.
A spokesperson for Profits before God,said that the capital outlay and materials expense,compared to returns,has made these enterprises nonviable.They want to cull any operation which does not perform 24-7-365,and expect uninterrupted currency flow.
Financiers,developers,architects, construction companies,and permitting agencies, have submitted written apologies for their economy-wrecking waste.
U.N.peacekeeping forces will monitor the decommissioning process for an orderly
A Congressional delegation from Texas is sponsoring business-efficiency legislation,conceived at Texas A&M University,which will add two more hours to the day.
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