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nuclear capacity factor

Between 1970 and 1974,the average capacity factor for Nuclear in the U.S. was 47.8%.
Today's GE offshore turbines have the same capacity factor as the 1996 Nuclear power industry.
As these turbines continue to be added to the mix,over time,they will drive the average upwards.
And the technologists say that,as of February,2017,there's potential to increase the capture efficiency of wind by another 35%.
With increased turbine population and geographic distribution,there's only an increasing probability that both capacity and capacity factor will become much more favorable.
As grid-scale storage proliferates,there will come a time when there is no curtailment.
And if our enemies want to hack our centralized power-plants,that will be an easier calculus compared to distributed power generation spread out over millions of units.
Also,a US fleet of EVs would allow for a vast amount of stored capacity at millions of residences.Perhaps a handy thing as future mega-storms rip the US a new ...hole trashing distribution lines.
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