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Nuclear shutdowns

A June,2011,Scientific American had an article about the Nuclear power industry.
*Shutdowns of any kind 'kill' profitability.
*In 2010 alone ,24 nuclear incidents went unreported to the NRC.Which could imply that economic imperatives outweighed reactor and public safety.
*As of 2011,there was 72,000-tons of spent fuel in the USA,and no permanent storage facility.
*Between 2001,and 2011,US taxpayers paid $9-billion on Yucca Mountain alone,which receives only military nuclear waste.
*At 'full-cost' pricing (waste disposal,decommissioning,insurance against accidents,and insurance against terrorists) nuclear is not economically competitive.
*The upper threshold for wet,'pool' storage is 122-F.By 2100,there will be fewer places on Earth below that temperature year-round.
*Dry storage cannot exceed 104-F at any time.
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