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Look for something cheaper at scale:

The company Energy Cache is pursuing a different option for mountainside energy storage. In their system a series of scoops attached to a ski lift like system move up and down the mountain side. A each end of the transport system the scoop travels over and under a hopper. When passing over the hopper the scoops can depoisit graven into the receptacle and when passing under the hoper they can recieve a load of gravel from the receptical. In the energy storage mode the scoops receive gravel at the bottom of hill and deposit gravel the top of the hill. In the energy production mode this sequence is reversed. The gravel lift is powered by a reverisible generator/motor as is the train engine in the ARES system.
Energy Storage on a Mountain Side

Donít push your slower friends down in an attempt to save yourself from a bear, advises National Parks Service