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Fortunately I had the laptop in our other car. I have been buying some motors, and leaf/volt controllers. Someone in Canada did a 3d model of a coupling for the 2 leaf motors and then I got the part that holds the 2 motors together rigidly, and he's still working on the part that will hold the shafts together, then I can test them at full load. I'll be teaching middle school starting in August, since it will be a little while before I can sell the boards again.

Oh yes, we lost all of our banking information and passwords. I had just gotten a $1300 ARM programmer with the trace feature just a few days before moving. Yep, they took that too. haha not annoying at all. I just thought it was towed the next morning. Then I saw broken glass where the driver side window was, and just thought, um... well, sometimes there's just broken glass in parking lots. ya, i'm sure everything is fine. lol
kits and boards

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