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Originally Posted by jcp123 View Post
So true. Back in the day, I was center right and took both the constant revisions as well as some old NatGeo articles as proof that this was a grand conspiracy to extort money from us. Later, I just felt that everyone was taking money to show a preconceived projection. Now, I do think the science is real, evolving, and kinda scary. Almost 10 years ago, I re-evaluated how I perceived basically all issues, and realized that I canít have my values dictated to me from some gang of folks more interested in elections than actually solving anything.

Says the guy who drives 400mi per day at ~9mpg.
I've been reading the raw research papers for over a year and a half now.And some of the denial/skeptic literature.
A novelization of some of the tenets of the denial/skeptic community would be:
*'It is the tension between creativity and scientific findings that has produced the stunning and unexpected skepticism.'
*'No science is immune to the infection and corruption of the fossil-fuel industry.'
*'Sowing doubt is the queen of fossil-fuel hegemony, and is the goal of all skepticism.The strongest arguments of experimental science can prove nothing so long as their conclusions and policy implications remain under continuous assault.'
So far,the denial literature has been unable to effectively debate the science.Reading their literature probably reveals more about their tortured,reactionary, inner soul than they should have ever let see the light of day.They may be regretting some of the propaganda by now.It's my opinion that they've completely given the game away.
It's always been the policy implications of climate change that is the real issue.And it's why we've seen over 60-years of stasis on the climate issue.
Real education would be a good idea.If you don't personally know someone in the oil,gas,coal,chemical,chemical intermediates,power production,distribution,storage,transfer,prospecti ng,extraction,processing,etc.,it might be a good idea to remedy that.Walk around in their moccasins for awhile.
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