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that guy,region,one of

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Well, that guy is clearly very bad at understanding history and applying it to current behavior, is stupid, or has an agenda.

That region has experienced tribal violence forever. ISIS being the result of changes in the air is ridiculous. That's not to say we haven't had our part to play in certain groups rising to power, but violent gangs have always been competing for power, and they will continue to do so until something changes, and I'm not talking about the climate.

Sounds like another one of those people that loves to self-loath, as if he will gain the pardon of his sins from humanity, and as if humanity has the understanding and authority to pardon sins.
*Well,if you have a top-secret clearance or above,and spent a career in U.S.intelligence, then I suppose you'd be in a position to judge.If you read the three books you might discover that its just information.I myself do not pretend to supernatural powers.
*That region has suffered violence from Britain,France,Germany,Russia,The Ottoman Empire,the United States,and Zionists.
*Perhaps he's just someone with exclusive knowledge,who thought an informed populace would be better for a democracy.And perhaps he was just casting pearls before swine.
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