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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
As always, I'm open to being wrong about anything, but the evidence I've seen doesn't support such a viewpoint. Sunni and Shia kill each other for who gets the right to kill Israelis, so there seems to be a cultural value of killing somewhere in there. Someone might claim it's the weather or the US (or any other nation) causing them to be violent, but that's too simplistic an explanation for me.

In general, the world has gradually become less violent, and I expect that trend to continue. Some regions will be slower than others to move away from violence, and it seems like the Middle East is one of those regions.

Of course, this is necessary as humans have never had more destructive capabilities.
The British Admiralty,at the time the world's first oil-fired battleship,the HMS Spiteful sailed in 1904,had already studied the strategic importance of petroleum,as the British Empire basically didn't have any.
When Germany's oil-fired Panther sailed into Port of Agadir,Morocco in 1911,it set off a world arms race.The next year,The British Admiralty committed to an all,oil-fired navy. The Middle East was the Turkish Ottoman Empire at the time,and the world's powers were lined up to destroy her,and take her oil,with zero concern for the indigenous peoples.The United States was in on it.Memories survive there,just like the British-American War over here.
The entire human history is written in violence.
It's what we do for oil that's the issue.Over half the fuel in our gas tanks is foreign.There are consequences for that.This is the world that Johnson saw.
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