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Originally Posted by EcoCivic View Post
Good to know, thank you for the information! I suspect that the manual transmission gets better highway MPG because it is more mechanically efficient than the auto since it has less moving parts and no internal oil pump.
You're probably barking up the right tree. The manual 2016 seems more powerful, & NOT just because its geared lower. The 2016 Elantra has 2 or 3 HP LESS than the 2013 Elantra. However, the 2016 engine seems smoother & more responsive than the 2013. I do love the 2016 manual in the mountains to 4000 feet. Soon, I'm going up to Mt. Rainier & Chinook Pass (5500 feet). Expect the manual to continue its mountain superiority over the 2013.
Both Elantras have a total of 135,000+ miles, & nothing has ever had to be repaired on either one.
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