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There is so solution to a problem such huge be solved once it get real, installed. That's why it'sd important to try to avoid or at least reduce the damages.
But today civilization are way more frail in many aspects than in past times, since we used with technology and confort.

A pole magnetic inversion or gigant solar flare would be no problem for indians 200 years ago. But today it would mess with technology and lead to chaos. Food supplies are shot, few months, compared to long reserves of 70 years ago.
The economy in global scale it's also more sensitive. Manufacturing and feedstock between nations in a chain of productinon in teps involving many fields.

Politics are also very frail, since we have nuclear power and ideoloy and politic instability. If a nation get way more affect by climate change, and get food shortage, they will not sit and dye, but will try to use nuclear power to push other countries to help them.
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