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Live in your head with your physical body in a bubble.
Coincidentally on August the First, John Prine premiered “Lonesome Friends of Science” from his latest album, The Tree of Forgiveness.
The lonesome friends of science say
the world will end most any day
well if it does and that's okay cuz I
don't live here anyway
I live down deep inside my head
where long ago I made my bed
I get my mail in Tennessee
my wife my dog my kids 'n me
those [redacted]s in their white lab coats
who experiment with mountain goats
should leave the Universe alone it's
not their business not their home
I'll go to sleep and it never rains my dog
predicts hurricanes she could smell a
storm a mile away that's all the news
we have today

My new favorite John Prine song. As for Bucky, he's not going anywhere. In a couple of senses.
Gold is the money of kings
Silver is the money of gentlemen
Barter is the money of peasants
—but debt is the money of slaves
Norm Franz

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