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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
I don't see any reason we couldn't get to carbon-neutral,and then start removing existing atmospheric CO2.
I can think of several off the top of my head:
-Who's going to pay for it?
-How would we deal with the psychological fallout? (People don't like being told what cars they can or cannot buy, what modes of transportation they can or cannot use, what foods they can or cannot eat, etc.)
-Where will the resources necessary to accomplish the buildout of solar and wind capacity (huge amounts of various metals, concrete, silicon, etc.) come from?
-Where will the resources necessary to accomplish the buildout of energy storage come from?
-How will we get the above out of the ground, refined, manufactured, transported, and installed without using fossil fuel energy?
-And again, who's going to pay for all of that and how?

When we can't even recycle the vast bulk of our plastic waste in this country because we were shipping almost the entirety of it to one country which then decided it wasn't economically feasible to keep accepting and recycling it, it isn't realistic to assert we could handle a complete energy transition simply by willing it into being. You might not think greed, selfishness, laziness, etc. are desirable human traits and we should wish them away, but we can't--they're real, and in order for such a scheme to work, they must be dealt with somehow.

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