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The funniest anecdote I heard about Fuller,from someone who worked with him,was that he couldn't ever leave a design alone.The fella's comment was: 'At some point you've got to shoot the designer,or nothing will ever get built.'
Because violence is always funny? The uninformed opinion you heard expressed refers to Fuller's dictum that three pre-production prototypes are necessary to shake out the bugs. The money people wanted to go after just two. Fuller, like our President, wasn't afraid to walk away from the deal. That ended with the U. S. Marines and the trade fair pavilions.

The Dymaxion house was an example. Here's a Kirsten Dirksen tour so you can appreciate the details. It's more interesting than Fuller's (restored) home in Carbondale. Best view I've seen of the kitchen.

A tour of a derelict Dymaxion Deployment Unit at

Hansen's Institute on Climate and Planets ... came up with a template for carbon mitigation:
*get rid of coal
**put loopholes in the definitions of the vehicle fleet.
**Tighten National/ISO Building Codes
**Get the most efficient stuff into the hands of all Americans

Shed load wherever possible.
Load shedding is consistent with aerostealth's assertion. The rest, like 'tightening' codes and 'getting it into hands' is very possible to get wrong; and leaves a lot on the table, like Moon power and Biochar.
The only reason that the chicken is not gone extinct is because they're so delicious that we breed them at a very high rate to ensure that we don't run out of Chris Ray Gun

Don't Californicate Oregon


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