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Just listened to an interesting Ben Shapiro podcast. He had Jonathan Safran as the Sunday special guest, and Jonathan made about the most level-headed and well thought out appeal towards taking some initiative to reduce CO2 emissions, and he did so without formulating the argument in such a way as "you're either with us or against us". He pointed out that many people claiming to be climate advocates live almost indistinguishable lives from "climate deniers".

The main point of topic was that meat production is among the highest contributors to increasing CO2 levels. Other reasons why people might reduce meat consumption is to reduce inhumane treatment of animals, or to improve one's health, with red meat especially being linked to cancer and other health problems. So his argument was that there's something that would appeal to most people to give them pause about how much meat they consume. Rather than treating the topic in a religious sort of way, where any meat consumption at all is shameful and evil, he suggests each person evaluate where they can reduce meat consumption and create a plan for how they will accomplish that, for instance by eliminating meat from breakfast.

Anyhow, I'm not going to eliminate meat from my diet, but I did think more about the topic than I have before and would consider planning a diet that included less of it. As it is now, practically all my meals include meat unless I'm having a bowl of cereal.

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