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Vehicle design is first in evaluating risk.

The salient point is once.

Gunshots & car accidents. Life-changing or ending.

A pickup is “best” next to never.

Claiming “skill”, etc, is side-splitting funny versus the statistics. The skill range difference among humans is tiny. No matter how well-magnified. A moments inattention makes a mockery of ego statements.

A pickup can’t do what’s important: Steer, brake & handle. It rolls where a car will spin.

You guys need some remedial physics.

Buy it where IRS numbers work. But don’t ever expect to “keep up with traffic” if intelligent use is planned. It’s bar none worst highway choice. The penalties go with the reward.

And for those that operate it like a car, it’s an unbelievably bad form of selfishness. Screws up the road for everyone around them. There’s not a situation involving others it doesn’t make worse. Mario Andretti couldn’t change this.

Same is true for any size truck. The larger, the worse for all others.


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