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90 day: 40 mpg (US)
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Best example for #1 I know of is the 2016 to 2017 Elantra, 2016 was a 1.8 liter (147 hp, 10.3:1 compression ratio) with automatic ratings of 28/37/31, 2017 they changed the stroke to make it a 2.0 and Atkinson it and makes the about the same hp/tq with 12.5:1 compression ratio and MPG ratings up to 29/38/33.

I got 49 mpg over 200 miles in my 17 Elantra just setting cruise at 57 or so.

I don't think Atkinson a diesel does any good, diesel don't run at a fixed air to fuel ratio, the reason to Atkinson a gas it is so the engine doesn't get a full cylinder of air it without having to choke it with the throttle. The above it port injected so it actually pushed some fuel/air mix back into the intake during the beginning of the combustion stroke.

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