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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
While he's not a scientist,he's held in very high regard as far as his education goes.And some scientists have no issue with his 'exaggerations',as when you're competing with 'America Can Defecate',and 'Who Wants to Be a Buffoon?',you've got to ratchet up the message to distract the Yahoos and get their attention.
Rather than the ad hominem attack,you might want to see if you can scientifically rebut his data.
It was a joke. I'm notorious for sarcasm without emojis.

I'm sure Gore is more educated and more intelligent than most people.

I despise Trump exaggeration as much as I despise it from anyone else. The only difference is I expect Trump to use hyperbole nearly all the time, whereas I expect Gore to speak with more precision. The "arms race" of deceptive and dirty tactics to the bottom is not one I think we should engage in. That's how we end up awash in fake news and a public suspicious of everything.
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