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1960 Citroen DS Tissier Van

It's a rendering by an artist called Magic-tonio. There are more on the internet, usually on French car enthusiast sites.

A Mercedes-Benz Bionic concept car in 2005.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images
That last link above has some interesting accusations or explanation about the Boxfish.

A Real Drag
Mercedes-Benz modeled a car on the boxfish. Only it completely misunderstood the boxfish
However, Mercedes-Benz may have completely misunderstood the boxfish. According to a new paper in Journal of the Royal Society Interface, the company misinterpreted the fundamental hydrodynamic profile of this fish, and by logical extension, the Bionic concept car as well. The authors, researchers at the University of Antwerp in Belgium, the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, and UCLA, contend that the boxfish body shape does not particularly excel at drag reduction.* Not only that, but it actually promotes instability while swimming, rather than minimizing it. This contradicts the entire premise behind Mercedes-Benz’s bionics-driven concept car.
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