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/// Kamm back on Jetta Wagon ///

Hi All,

Thinking about making a Kamm Back for my Jetta Wagon.

I was planning on using this as material :,31414.html

Anybody have experience with is ? Stiff enough ?

I am assuming 2 feet long (past the glass on the back of the wagon glass)should be plenty long ?

Which brings me to my proposed mounting method ....

I was planning on fabbing up some "L" shaped mounting brackets and attaching the brackets using high strength double sided tape .... to the glass!

The reason I was going to fasten to the glass was so it doesn't damage paint or be a possible spot for rust to form plus if I make a series of aluminum "L"
brackets it would possible reduce the stress on the glass should the aluminum expand and contract at different rates than the glass this preventing possible glass breakage...

Plus if I follow the glass on the rear hatch of the wagon, it would place the kamm back in almost the ideal place .

I would like to use 1 continuous piece of plastic to avoid seams but I'm not sure this is possible because of the need for taper etc...

I wish the material was available in clear so as not to lose potential rearward visibility ( I had though of using plexi glass from Lowes and make something similar to a Tractor Trailer foldable "Trailer Tail" BUT if its only 2 feet out or so maybe permanent fixed is OK.

What are your thoughts on this ?

Thanks in advance for any and all help.


2003 Jetta TDI Wagon, 5 sp, 210K miles, Stock.....for now!
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