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Found this recent article on the topic.

Test Drive: Trading Mirrors for Video Monitors
October 31, 2019 • by Jim Park
Since Stoneridge is presently the only supplier with an exemption from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration allowing it to operate trucks without conventional external glass mirrors, ignoring the A-pillar-mounted monitors wasn’t an option on this test drive. They were all I had...................

I also learned that Stoneridge currently has MirrorEye systems installed at 14 fleets with an estimated 5 million miles of evaluation testing – and zero reported accidents stemming from the use of the system.

“Drivers respond to MirrorEye the same way they do with automated manual transmissions,” Kirkland told me. “It takes a bit of coaxing to get the veterans to try it, but none of them want to go back to conventional mirrors after they try it.”.......................

The camera lens is hydrophobic — it rejects water. The image on the monitor remain crystal clear while the view outside the window is muddled with rainwater wash.
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