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I like these cars--I thought about getting one when I bought my Prius, and sometimes I wish I did just to have a manual transmission again.

Originally Posted by BarryKillahWhale View Post
-Front wheel skirts
-Front aero underbody panel
Just a terminology note: "wheel skirt" usually refers to a covering over the outside of the wheel arch; what you're referring to are usually called wheel strakes or wheel air dams or similar.

I looked back through my pictures and remembered that I had inspected the underside of the Focus at the 2018 Indianapolis Auto Show. It uses the same wheel strake design as the Fusion and C-Max Hybrid of the same year, which is larger than most cars', made of flexible material rather than rigid, and segmented:

The C-Max has additional fairings on the front and back that would be an easy retrofit to your car:


They're cheap, too--$12 for the front and $18 for the rear. Ford introduced these in the second year of C-Max production in an attempt to improve the C-Max Hybrid's actual MPG compared to its EPA rating (which owners complained about when the car was introduced--the EPA investigated and the ratings were subsequently lowered from 47mpg combined to 40mpg).

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