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Originally Posted by roosterk0031 View Post
My guess is to get the engine load high enough to get to more efficient BSFC range the ECM with kick in turbo enrichment reducing the effectiveness of P&G, and some people think that its hard on the turbo to stop and start the oil supply especially after a 90% burst of acceleration.

I wouldn't EOC with my1.4t Cruze if I got to drive it much even if it had a manual. P&G with engine on coast is hard to beat steady speed at the average speed of P&G IMO.

8 banger 6.0L SUV 379HP still get 25mpg highway
3 banger 1.0L sub-compact barely gets 46mpg

for having 1/6 the amount of displacement it still only get less then 40% more fuel mileage?

also the best MPG i have gotten was 31MPG in the city with the 6.0L

this battery only has like 15 or 20% capacity left too 11 years old

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