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Airliner Number 4 by Norman Bel Geddes
The aircraft was designed between 1929 and 1932 with the idea of showing "what the intercontinental air liner of 1940 will be like."[4] Geddes developed the overall design concept while German aeronautical engineer Otto A. Koller provided the engineering expertise as Geddes was not a trained engineer....

Designed as a V-shaped monoplane with nine decks, large capacity, viewing galleries, and public areas big enough to hold an orchestra, Geddes intended Airliner Number 4 to replace the ocean liner... It would have had a wingspan of 528 feet (161 m) and a capacity of 451 passengers plus a crew of 155. Power in the design was provided by twenty 1,900 horsepower (1,400 kW) engines with six in reserve. Each or the two pontoons that supported the plane on water would hold passengers, and also accommodate three lifeboats, sufficient for all persons on board.[4] Two interior hangars would hold smaller aircraft.[8]
Note that Vincent_Burnelli flew his CB-16 in 1928, the year before Bel Geddes started his design.

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