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Originally Posted by Flakbadger View Post
Welcome to the forums! You have EV in your name, How likely is it that you're going to drive one soon? As others have said, there's a wealth of info on how to aeromod your vehicle... And granted I don't know anything about your personal financial situation but I know that when I was in college I had a paid off pickup truck that got 16 miles per gallon. I sold it and bought a Toyota Yaris and made my car payments plus saved money in the first three months I owned it, so it might be worth looking into.

Depending on what your driving distance is you might even consider looking into a used Nissan Leaf. You can pick up older ones for a pittance. They are practically giving them away.

Then again if a different vehicle isn't an option for you right now you can still make pretty substantial changes just by adjusting your driving and doing some simple aerodynamic mods.

Either way I hope I didn't rant at you too much, welcome! You're in good company.
My personal financial situation is a major limiting factor. Nevertheless, with the projects class I'm auditing, I have a classmate. He is taking the class for credit and wanted to learn how to do an electric bicycle conversion. Thus, we are both learning that. As far as the curriculum writing, I have purchased two books to help with that, Build Your Own Electric Vehicle and Build Your Own Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle by Seth Leitman. Also, the renewable energy program has three (3) electric cars in disrepair. I'm hoping to learn more complex and detailed info from working on them during future semesters. I have been thinking about focusing on EV electronics for next semester.

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